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Todd Mueske

Educator. Instructional Designer. Communication Specialist. Marketing Specialist. Copy Writer. Former Entrepreneur. 






408 1/2 Avenue NW,

Rochester, MN 55901

Date of Birth:

Sept. 29th, 1986

A Bit About Me

When I was six years old, I helped my father plant the first sapling of what would eventually become a two thousand tree apple orchard. Since then, I haven’t stopped creating. Whether it be a single lesson plan, a whole online class, or an entire set of marketing materials, what makes me tick is the process of meticulously researching and planning out a project, getting into the small details, and, piece by piece, fitting disparate parts together until they form a successful whole.


In the last 18 years, I have pursued many opportunities that have allowed me to do just this, whether it be attaining a Bachelors, then Masters in English; serving as a writing center tutor, small business manager, or English language teacher; or whether it be working as a college writing teacher, mentor, and advisor. In every position, I have given it my all, and during this time, have accumulated 8 years of management experience, 12 years of teaching and leadership experience, and 18 years of writing experience. 

Nonetheless, 12 years into teaching, I am ready for my next opportunity and adventure. If you think I could be of service to your organization, please don't hesitate to reach out! I am open to considering any opportunity offered to me and would be happy to hear from you.

Work Experience

August 2013 - Present

September 2021 - January 2021

May 2013 - January 2021

August 2011 - May 2013

January 2007 - January 2010

July 2008 - August 2008

Composition and Literature Instructor (and Instructional Designer) at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

In this position, I taught 80+ sections of online and face-to-face composition and literature courses over 10 years to 2000+ students, providing them the communication skills they need to not only graduate, but to thrive in their future careers and lives. Through this role, I also attained three years of instructional design and online teaching experience.

UWRF English, TESOL, and Modern Languages Department Marketing and Communication Specialist

In this role, I identified major shortcomings in the department's outreach efforts and independently spearheaded an overhaul of their marketing materials. To do this, I assessed audience
values, contacted stakeholders, created mobile and website content, gathered and crafted alumni stories, collaborated with SMEs, and performed ROI employment research, all of which, ultimately, played a pivotal role in growing department enrollment by 62% in one year. While doing so, I learned how to use InDesign, Canva, WIX, and Publisher on my own.

Manager, Orchard Educator, Communication and Marketing Specialist for Mueske Family Orchard

In this role, I managed an orchard of approximately 2000 trees and promoted the business’s story, reputation, and products through exhaustively researched and meticulously written marketing copy. To be more specific, during my time in this position, I 1) doubled the orchard’s farmer’s market profits  by developing and overseeing the transition to a more environmentally sustainable and friendly, “no-spray” orchard model; 2) helped expand and promote the orchard’s market base to 20+ schools, sister orchards, and co-ops in southeastern Minnesota and the Twin Cities region; 3) managed, trained, and guided a seasonal workforce of 6+ employees; 4) set up and managed the orchard’s online store, e.g. managed online inventory, fulfilled orders, and responded to customer inquiries; and 5) researched, designed, and wrote 100+ high quality product descriptions, labels, signs, brochures, guides and other promotional literature.

English Department Graduate Teaching Assistant for Colorado State University-Fort-Collins

In this position, I taught 7 sections of face-to-face freshman composition over 2 years while earning my MA in Creative Nonfiction.  careers and lives.

Writing Center Tutor for the University of Wisconsin-River Falls

In this position, I worked individually with native and non-native speakers to improve their critical and analytical writing skills and established rapport with students to ease their anxiety about seeking writing help.

English Second Language Teacher for Shih Hsin University's English Summer Camp in Taipei, Taiwan


In this position, I taught multiple sections of English language courses to Taiwanese university students facilitating one-on-one and group activities to enhance students’ reading and conversation skills while also building connections with students to ease their fears about learning a foreign language.

Professional References

Moline_Mialisa (1).jpg

Dr. Mialisa Moline

Chair of the UWRF English, TESOL and Modern Languages Department

Relationship: Observer/Supervisor

University of Wisconsin-River Falls

245 Kleinpell Fine Arts

410 South Third Street

River Falls, WI 54022


  • LinkedIn
Sally Bender.jpg

Sally Bender

English Department Executive Assistant

Relationship: Coworker

University of Wisconsin-River Falls

264 Kleinpell Fine Arts

410 South Third Street

River Falls, WI 54022


  • LinkedIn
Steven Luebke (2).jpg

Dr. Steven Luebke

Retired English Professor

Relationship: Colleague/Mentor

University of Wisconsin-River Falls

252 Kleinpell Fine Arts

410 South Third Street

River Falls, WI 54022



Dr. Greta Gaard

English Professor

Relationship: Colleague

University of Wisconsin-River Falls

256 Kleinpell Fine Arts

410 South Third Street

River Falls, WI 54022


  • LinkedIn

Dr. Michelle Parkinson

English Professor

Relationship: Observer/Colleague

University of Wisconsin-River Falls

264 Kleinpell Fine Arts

410 South Third Street

River Falls, WI 54022


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I'm currently seeking to transition from teaching into a new career. Please reach out if it looks like I can help!

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