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Mueske Family Orchard Marketing Work

In this position as a manager, orchard educator, and marketing/communication specialist for Mueske Family Orchard, I promoted the business’s story, reputation, and products through exhaustively researched and meticulously written marketing copy while managing an orchard of approximately two thousand trees. To be more specific, during my time there, I:

  • Researched, designed, and wrote 100+ detailed, high-quality product descriptions, labels, signs, brochures, and other promotional literature,

  • Worked with 3+ SMEs to write and design 10+ easy-to-use orcharding guides,

  • And plumbed the depths of horticulture history, reading 20+ books, 25+ ancient nursery catalogues, and 30+ websites, to write detailed descriptions of 40+ 100 - 800-year-old heirloom apple varieties.

Some samples of my work can be seen below.

A Guide to the Best Cooking  Apples.tiff
Copy of A Guide to the Best Hard Cider Apples 2.tiff


This is a set of four infographics I researched and made that work to describe different apple varieties and their varied purposes. These infographics were provided as both handouts at farmer's markets and co-ops as well as downloadable files on the orchard's website and Facebook page.


This is a sampling of a few orcharding guides that I researched and made to demystify the act of orcharding for our customers. It includes a guide to pruning, no-spray apple orcharding, and tree planting.

A Guide to No Spray Apple Orcharding.tiff
Golden Delicious.png


This is a small sample of the apple histories that I researched and created in order to better educate curious customers on the apples they were  buying. The document design and layout is my own creation, while the written portion is excerpted from Rowan Jacobson's Apples of Uncommon Character.  


This is a brochure I wrote and designed for Mueske Family Orchard in which I lay out the history of the orchard, products and services the orchard offers, as well as contact information.

Mueske Family Orchard Brochure.tif
Sweet Sixteen.png
Honey Crisp.png


This is a sample of sixteen signs that I researched, designed, and wrote which were used at farmer's markets and co-ops to educate customers on the types of apples and plums they had the option to buy and consume. 


This is a set of photos taken over the years of Mueske Family Orchard.

Pictures before Sunday August 7th, 2011 625.JPG


This is a business card we hand out at farmer's markets and co-cop demonstrations, as well as provide for customers at our road-side apple stand.



About Mueske Family Orchard

Mueske Family Orchard, a no-spray  two thousand tree apple and plum orchard located only a few miles from idyllic Whitewater State Park (near St. Charles, MN), is a small family run business established in 1992 as a dream of providing locally grown fruit to the surrounding area and the Twin Cities region.

Offering nine different types of plums and eighty different types of apples, including Honey Crisp, Fireside, Macoun, and Sweet Sixteen, the orchard is a scenic tourist destination for many campers on the way to Whitewater.

Owned and operated by Arvin Mueske until his passing in 2008, the orchard was run until 2021 by his son  (Todd) and widow (Carol) on a part-time, much smaller scale. It is now under new management. 

Mueske family apples and other products (apple chips, pies, butters, etc.) can also be found at local co-ops, schools, and farmer’s markets. For more information, questions, or to request eating, baking, or cider apples in bulk, don’t hesitate to call or email.


Mueske Family Orchard Products and Services

NO-SPRAY APPLES              
We approach orcharding in as sustainable  and environmentally friendly a way as possible, with no pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides. Instead, we use only natural methods to control diseases and bugs that are safe for society, the environment, and people.

We  at the orchard believe the best apples are the ones you pick yourself. As a result, we offer pick-your-own on weekends from August 1st - Nov. 1st. Bring the whole family and enjoy an afternoon of picking, cider, and hot pie.


PIES, JAMS, AND CHIPS, OH, MY!                             
Besides fresh apples, we also produce and sell two different types of chips, eight different types of jams, and ten different types of pies. Stop into our shop to grab a hot slice!


Working with Whitewater State Park, we host monthly workshops in which attendees learn to pick the right type of tree, graft rootstocks, plant saplings, prune, control diseases, and harvest the crop. Sign up early! Classes fill up fast.

BACKYARD CONSULTATIONS                                                    

Want to start your own backyard planting but are too busy or afraid to do it yourself? No problem. Allow us to visit your location, assess your space, and provide you a customized plan that fits your horticultural needs, desires, and best practices.


I'm currently seeking to transition from teaching into a new career. Please reach out if it looks like I can help!

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