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My Work

Below you will find samples of the work I have done in multiple positions, including as a marketing and communication specialist for the University of Wisconsin-River Falls' English, TESOL, and Modern Languages Department, as a manager and marketing specialist for Mueske Family Orchard, and as a composition and literature instructor for UWRF. Please take a look!

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This is a sample of the materials I produced as a marketing and communication specialist for the UWRF English, TESOL, and Modern Languages Department. Included are a set of several infographics, student success stories, and a jobs, earnings, and career outlook report. Feel free to take a look!


This is a large sample of work that I did while working as a manager, orchard educator, and marketing and communication specialist for Mueske Family Orchard. Included are several apple variety guides, orchard how-to guides, apple history guides, a brochure, and many product description signs.

Copy of A Guide to the Best Hard Cider Apples 2.tiff
Todd Mueskes Porfolio Extended Version 2_Page_49.tiff


This is a sampling of teaching materials I have created since 2011 while working as a college composition and literature instructor. Included is one syllabus and four example essay assignments.


This is a set of action maps I created in order to help me design educational and marketing materials more effectively for both UWRF and Mueske Family Orchard.

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