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UWRF English, TESOL, and Modern Languages Department Marketing Work

In this position as a marketing/communication specialist, I performed marketing and job data research for the UWRF English, TESOL, and Modern Languages Department, promoted the department to prospective students and their parents, and played a pivotal role in increasing enrollment in the programs by 62% in one year. To be more specific, with the research I did,  I :

  • Designed and wrote 20+ infographics, flyers, and reports, as well as webpage content after consulting 6+ SMEs.

  • Wrote and crafted engaging stories of 12+ current students and alumni (after interviewing them).

  • Researched BLS employment data on 50+ career paths, converting complex economic data into a simplified visual report that successfully convinced students (and their parents) to major in English.

  • And last, learned how to use InDesign, Illustrator, Canva, WIX, and Publisher on my own.

Below are samples of my work.


7 Reasons to Major in English (2).tif
3 English Myths Infographics.tif
Creative Writing Infographic.tif

UWRF English Department
Informational Infographics and Hand-Outs

This is a set of nine infographics/handouts that I wrote and designed which lay out the reasons why current and potential students should consider majoring or minoring in English at UWRF and then specializing in a specific sub-field such as creative writing, literature, professional writing, or TESOL. These handouts are given to all current and potential students--and their parents--when visiting campus (or the department) and are posted around campus in order to educate and promote interest in the department and discipline.


UWRF English Department Student Success Stories

This is a sampling of nine student success story handouts that I collected and designed after interviewing current and former students. They are given to potential and current students in order to promote the department and to prove that an English degree can lead to career and professional success. Some of these stories are also posted on the department website and throughout campus.

Greg Peterson.png
Samantha Edholm-Bean.png
Hyun Sung Jang.png



UWRF English Department Jobs, Earnings, and Career Outlook Report

This is a ten page jobs, earnings, and career outlook report that I researched, wrote, and designed in order to prove to potential and current students (and their parents) that majoring or minoring in English is a worthwhile investment. In it, readers can find average earning for the top career fields English majors pursue post-graduation as well as projected job growth for specific career fields. All of this data was gathered from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an eminently credible source, and put into correct context for readers.

I'm currently seeking to transition from teaching into a new career. Please reach out if it looks like I can help!

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